Experience the dramatic moment with DIVEROID.



Experience the dramatic moment with DIVEROID.



Founded by seasoned divers, DIVEROID is on a mission to revolutionize SCUBA diving by making it safer, simpler, and more enjoyable. Our innovative, compact, and cost-effective device—DIVEROID—delivers essential safety information to enhance your diving experience.

As an all-in-one solution, DIVEROID not only tracks depth, dive duration, and no-decompression limits to help prevent accidents and decompression sickness, but also incorporates an underwater camera, compass, and an auto-sync logbook.

Experience the thrill of diving like never before with DIVEROID.


Leading the digitalization of the diving market and providing divers with a pleasant underwater experience.

Digital technology offers limitless space and speed, fundamentally changing our daily lives and all industries. Yet, transformation requires time and effort, unfolding more quickly in high-demand markets close to daily life due to supply and demand laws.

In the diving market, where operations are still largely analog and payments are often made in cash, digital adoption has been slower. This is a niche hobby market, so the shift to digital has lagged.

Smartphones, which integrate telephones with internet browsers, have become ubiquitous in our lives. Diveroid aims to replicate this transformation in the diving world, making it the 'smartphone' of diving.

Introducing Diveroid.

As we witness the impact of digitization, we are inspired to apply similar innovations to the diving industry. Observing the decline of digital cameras and the rise of smartphone cameras, we anticipate a comparable shift in diving. Additionally, the popularity of AR technology encourages us to explore its potential underwater.

Diveroid is adapting by leveraging everyday technological advancements, enhancing camera technology, and evolving our business model to attract more customers and establish a sustainable future.

Make more people dive into the ocean and experience the sea easily and happily.

People unfamiliar with water often feel fear and discomfort underwater, stemming from psychological anxiety and a radically different environment. Equipment acts as a bridge, transforming an inhospitable underwater world into an enjoyable experience.

Yet, scuba diving gear has seen minimal innovation over the past century. Attending a few scuba or freediving shows reveals this stagnation, with major brands often just tweaking designs and colors to market their products as new.

Historically, product and service evolution has progressed from enhancing core functionality to improving the overall user experience. However, underwater equipment has lagged behind in transitioning from function-driven design to enhancing user experience, indicating significant potential for improvement.

Moreover, the journey to the sea is fraught with inconveniences like scarce information, reservation difficulties, and travel restrictions, which detract from the enjoyment of the sea.

Our goal is to eliminate these barriers and make sea exploration more accessible and enjoyable.